This week’s Utah Legislature Headlines

Deseret News
Lobbyists wiggle through loophole
Schools rehiring retirees: Districts are desperate due to teacher shortage
Utah’s gas tax may change: And 1 bill would cut $$ going to transit districts
Utahns are still split over vouchers: But poll finds support gaining for tuition aid
State wants to increase movie incentive fund
Buttars seeks free exercise of faith
Cap is proposed on part of tuition that pays faculty

Salt Lake Tribune
Republican prepares bill for demise of Roe v. Wade
Governor says he will fight to keep in-state tuition: Despite veto threat, bill’s sponsor will push to repeal lower college rates for immigrants
4 of 5 USTAR outreach centers selected
Soccer plan: New concerns
Consultant raises questions about RSL’s debt load, cash flow

Guv wants to tweak anti-meth efforts–Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. unveils a $10.2 million campaign focusing on prevention and rehab
Rise in minimum wage OK’d by House–Utah representatives are divided along party lines; Senate plans tax breaks for businesses


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