The soapbox at last night’s rally

At last night’s rally a man in a dark suit carrying a briefcase approached the crowd after crossing the street.. 

The man walked to the front of the  group and jumped up on a concrete planter.  He told the crowd that he is  Republican city council member in a nearby community and state “If we had more people out here like you, we wouldn’t be IN this mess in Iraq. We’re not over there to fight terrorism. Why are we there? I HAVE NO IDEA! I’m a working-stiff Republican and I’m SICK of this. RAISE SOME HELL!”   He then jumped back down and had to leave to catch his bus.

It was enlightening to see and hear this.  This man stated that he voted for Bush twice and is completely upset over this Iraq debacle.

Utah may still be the reddest state…..but the tide appears to be changing.


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