Support Lt. Watada

“My fellow soldiers are fighting and dying in Iraq and their families are suffering
because of the lies and deceptions crafted by the Bush Administration. The Iraq war is not only a crime against domestic and international law but [it] is a terrible moral injustice against the Iraqi people.”
– Lt. Ehren Watada

As the first Army officer to publicly speak out against the war and refuse deployment to Iraq, Lt Watada will be punished by the U.S. Army with a maximum six years in prison. The military’s intention IS to SILENCE VOICES OF RESISTANCE and make an example out of Lt. Watada.

“The war in Iraq is in fact illegal. It is my obligation and my duty to refuse any orders to participate in this war. An order to take part in an illegal war is unlawful in itself. So my obligation is not to follow the order to go to Iraq.” – Lt. Ehren Watada

Today is the day that Lt. Watada has a Pre-trial Hearing in Washington State for his court martial for refusing to “serve” in Iraq. There is also a rally at the gates of Fort Lewis, 8-11 am.

These other actions are coming up in relation to Lt. Watada’s court martial:

January 20-22, 2007
Citizens’ Hearings
Evergreen State College, Tacoma campus
Tacoma, WA

February 5, 2007
Court Martial Trial Begins
National Call to Action
more details to come

People are also encouraged to send letters or call Commander Dubik. Urge him to:

* Dismiss all charges
* Honor Lt. Watada’s resignation

Lt. General James Dubik
Commanding General Fort Lewis
1 Corps Building 2025 Stop 1
Fort Lewis, WA 98433
Phone 253-967-1110
For more information contact


One thought on “Support Lt. Watada

  1. Watada Means Traitor in Japanese!
    1. It has been reported that Watada is a “native Hawaiian”, he isn’t. He is part Nip and part Chink
    2. He dropped out of Punahou High School, because he is a loser and graduated from a government school Kalani.
    3. He didn’t go to the University of Hawaii because his father was a traitor to the Japanese culture and married Chinese. He was teased at UH so he went to the mainland to go to school with katonks, who don’t know any better and all talk as if they were terminally white.
    4. His father was a traitor and damaged the memory of the most famous Army Unit the 100th Bn 442nd Inf (All Niponese) by refusing to serve in Vietnam. He taught his son well, so the idiot volunteers and then quits (see para 2, quitting gets easier every time).
    5. He was the only “Chink a Nip” who was beaten with the haoles during the traditional “Kill Haole Day” in Hawaii. (A very rare honor).
    6. He is Yonsei (Fourth Generartion Nip) so, we now know that it takes only four generations to take a group of people who love to start wars (The Rape of Nanking, Pearl Harbor, Korea enslavement) to take them from Samurai Warriors to whinning liberals.
    Bonzai (no stupid people these are not small trees, its what they used to say before they cut off peoples heads with a katana).
    Kela M. Whifa


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