Corporate Snitch Notifier

I discovered this neat little feature about Mozilla Firefox:

CSNotifier – The CorporateSnitch Notifier

CSNotifier – The Consumer has the Right to Know

Would you purchase that computer manufactured by a company that has profited from the War in Iraq?

Perhaps you would think twice about spending your hard-earned cash on shampoo if you knew that the company that manufactured it tested it on animals?

by CorporateSnitch

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Whether your answer to these questions is “yes” or “no”, the CSNotifier gives you real-time information about Entities, the Products/Services they provide, and the practices they follow as you browse the Internet. Once you have installed it and your preferences have been set, you simply need to browse with Firefox as you normally would. A non-obtrusive window will appear inside your browser when you view a Web page about which CorporateSnitch has information.

“Why isn’t the CSNotifier showing when I visit the Web page of CompanyX?”
This is the question most often asked about our services. The simple answer is that we have not yet had a chance to enter the data related to that company’s practices. However, we are hoping you can help. With the release of CSNotifier version 1.3 (due for approval by Mozilla on 2007.01.16), we will provide tools for you to easily report Evidence to us regarding any Entity that you find.

Please view the demo at

Once installed, you can confirm that it is working by navigating to and

New data is added daily to the CSNotifier database. For help and more information, please visit

Please be sure to read our End User License Agreement (EULA), Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy before downloading the CSNotifier.

FAQ (Excerpt)

Q: Will the CSNotifier replace the affiliate IDs added by sites that I visit with its own?
A: Yes and no. If a standard, direct affiliate product link was used to direct you to the product on the Preferred Merchant site, the referring site’s affiliate ID will not be replaced. However, it has been brought to our attention that subsequent links to products are being replaced by the CSNotifier in versions 1.1 and earlier. Example: has a link to BookY on If you click on the link and then purchase BookY on, will receive credit for the purchase. However, if you then click on a different product on, the CSNotifier receives credit for that purchase. Please note that it was never our intent to take referral fees away from Web sites, and that all affiliate ID code has been removed from version 1.21 of the CSNotifier (currently being reviewed by the Mozilla staff). You can download version 1.21 now at We apologize and thank you for your patience in this matter.

Works with:

Firefox 1.0 – 2.0.0.* ALL

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