Stereotypes – Bah, Humbug!

Tonight was the regular weekly peace vigil in which I have been taking part for over 5 years. Each week we get our share of honks along with at least several anti-peace passersby who yell derogatory things at us (“Get a job!”, “Get a Life!”, “We Love Bush!”, etc.).

Tonight the temperatures were frigid, yet three of us bundled up (I mean, like we looked like Pillsbury Dough-People!). We had a small propane heater to warm up our hands. We each held signs for about 1/2 hour. Among us, by profession, were a Gulf War vet, a teacher, and a building manager.

A young woman (about 25) stopped her SUV in front of us and yelled, “You people should get jobs so that my parents’ taxes don’t pay for your welfare checks!”. It was obvious to us that she did not read our signs with messages of peace and because we were donned on bulky winter outerwear and were huddled around a propane heater holding signs, she thought we were homeless because we “looked the type”. Then we realized that she referred to her parent’s taxes, meaning that she does not have a job and is supported by her SUV owning parents.

What Bah-Humbug holiday spirit this young woman had. Not only did she have us pegged wrong because she wasn’t paying attention, she has no sensitivity towards those less fortunate than herself.


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