Lennon, the FBI, and “Known Protestors”

Some time ago, I posted about Dave Lippman (aka George Shrub, the sining CIA Agent) getting pulled over, his car searched and arrested for being a “known protestor”.

Today I have learned through my daily news perusal that The FBI will release the last of Its John Lennon Files. There are no surprises in those files, according to historians.

In one memo, then-FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover wrote to H.R. Haldeman, President Nixon’s chief of staff, that “Lennon had taken an interest in ‘extreme left-wing activities in Britain’ and is known to be a sympathizer of Trotskyist communists in England.”

So if you are a “known protester” (as many of us are), feel good that you are being documented in official historical files.


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