Busy Times – Part 1

I haven’t been posting as much as usual because this is a busy time for me, professionally as well as personally.

As a musician, performer, and director, the holiday season is packed with shows and other events.

Personally, I have been preparing goodie bags for my co-workers in my department. This year I oversee a department of 7 people. I made each person a bag with organic dried goodies from my garden and framed photos of nature scenes I took with my digital camera. This all took more time to put together than just walking into a store and buying gifts, but it was socially repsonsible gift giving since I used goodies from my garden that I know for sure are pesticide-free, photos I took myself, and gently used frames, since I buy almost all my stuff from thrift stores.

I’m also getting ready for my trip to Maryland, making the family calendars for everyone in my family. I continued the tradition that my mother started of giving everyone calendars, with a twist: I provide homemade calendars with photos that I have archived digitally from old photo albums and current photos and make collages on each month, reflecting birthdays and anniversaries.

And, of course, I am eagerly awaiting the moments to see my family again and hold my new grandson.


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