Another Way to Give This Winter

From HEAL Utah:

Every winter, HEAL Utah works to raise money to help cover the costs of heating fuel for those Goshutes who were on the frontlines of the fight to keep Private Fuel Storage from turning Skull Valley into a high-level nuclear waste dump. Our efforts are a drop in the bucket compared to the economic development that needs to happen on the reservation, but the support does make a difference to those members of the tribe needing some assistance during the winter months.

If you’d like to contribute to this effort, you can donate online here: If you’d prefer to send in a check, please make it out to HEAL Utah and write “Goshute Support” in the memo (send it to: HEAL Utah, 68 S Main St, Suite 400, SLC, UT 84101). We will pass through 100% of the money we raise from this effort to the Goshutes to help cover winter heating costs.

The defeat of the Private Fuel Storage proposal for Skull Valley was a major victory for Utah this year. We are thankful to those Goshutes who had the foresight and courage to fight for the integrity of their land and the health of their people, rather than sell it to the highest bidder. As Utahns, we are thankful not to have the nation’s de facto high-level nuclear waste dump in our state. As Americans, we are hopeful this victory is a step in the right direction towards fair and equitable energy policies that don’t leave the poor and politically powerless shouldering the nation’s toxic burdens.

Whatever you can contribute will make a difference this winter: Thanks for your support,

John Urgo
HEAL Utah, Outreach Director
68 S. Main St, Suite 400
SLC, UT 84101
(801) 355-5055


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