More on salary increases

Also in today’s news is this item:

Utah County leaders’ salaries rising: Growth to help cover increases
By the end of 2007, Utah County commissioners will have received nearly $20,000 in salary increases in just three years.
      But they’re not alone. Other elected officials in Utah County benefited from a pay raise at the start of 2005 and will receive a collective 9 percent pay increase next year as part of the new $73.8 million budget county commissioners recently adopted for 2007.

Nine percent?  Why do these officials get such a significant increase when Utah can’t even decide on raising its minimum wage?

Deseret Morning News graphic

Commissioners determine raises for the county’s elected officials by following the advice of the Career Service Council. The council is a board of three people — none of them county commissioners — who compare like positions and salaries in the county to those across the country.

Sort of like the 12 person panel that spent $50,000 to determine if Utah should raise its minimum wage (not!)?

      According to White, the council found that a comparative composite salary for county commissioners elsewhere is about $103,000.
      County employees are generally given a cost-of-living salary increase of about 3-4 percent annually. However, elected officials are not, and they most likely won’t receive another raise next year.

I realize that each county decides how to spend its money but this is provided to point out as an example how fiscal decision making regarding income/salaries is not equitable.  Elected officials and other “leaders” seem to always get the big pay increases while the folks who work to pay their salaries have to work two and three jobs to put food on their tables. 

There’s something wrong with this picture.


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