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Hatch: We can’t go home losers
Even though an Iraq Study Group’s report has concluded that the president’s Iraq policy has failed and must be changed and has assessed the situation in Iraq as bleak until changes for withdrawal are implemented:

Sen. Orrin Hatch cautioned that America needs to stick with the fight, saying “we can’t go home losers.”
Hatch said it was worthwhile to have the bipartisan panel study the issue, but reserved judgment on some recommendations, particularly the study group’s key suggestion that combat troops be withdrawn by early 2008.
“Losing is not an option,” Hatch said. “This is not just an Iraq war, this is a war against worldwide terrorism where Iraq is one area of conflict. We can’t ignore it’s an important area of conflict and we can’t just pick up and leave because the Democrats want to.”

Meaning if we can’t have total control over the resources there, those that are financially benefiting from that control “lose”.

The rest of the article delves into the rest of Utah’s delegation’s responses to the report. No member of Utah’s delegation is making a commitment to U.S. withdrawal from Iraq.

Yet a recent survey conducted by the The Iraq Center for Research & Strategic Studies shows that Iraqis want the Troops to leave


More than half of the 2000 participants said they want all the US troops out now, the remainder want the withdrawal to begin immediately. The economy is a big problem for most Iraqi’s as well which isn’t surprising—The Iraqis also feel that since the Democrats won big time in November they are hoping that they’ll be able to help change policy.

See the video here.


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