Miller Defends the New Arena Name

Today’s Salt Lake Tribune has an article in which Entrepenuer Larry H. Miller Defends the name of the Center formerly known as Delta.

I find these comments of his particularly disturbing:

Miller said he has heard complaints from Utahns, but when he asks them about nuclear waste and storage, they cannot provide answers.
“I would ask them before they just hit a panic button when they hear the word ‘nuclear waste’ that they at least understand what it is that’s done there, stored there, what that business is about,” he said.
He later added: “I want to listen and learn and see what [people have] got to say if it’s rational.”

Every Utahn I have spoken to does have a rational solution and explanation. I haven’t run into anyone yet who hesitates at what the solution is for storing toxic waste:

Keep it in the state in which it is generated. Stop generating it if there is nowhere to store it in your state


I question what people Miller has talked to (and how many). He needs to look at and read the polls.

Meanwhile, I still support the boycott of all Miller holdings, since he has chosen a name for our state basketball team center that portrays Utah as a nuclear waste dump. That should do wonders for tourism in our state.


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