Getting messages out

The Deseret News today has an article about a woman in a wheelchair stopping traffic on a highway to call attention to the lack of health insurance her husband is able to get for treatment of a medical condition. Medicare won’t pay for the treatment that he needs.

Police met the woman and her supporters at the intersection of the protest and compromised on escorting her around the intersection with her signs.

I had to cringe, however, at this:

….traffic speeds on Bangerter are too high in early evening hours to ensure Landers’ safety and that she would more effectively call attention to her story if she told it to a nearby newspaper reporter.
If she had wanted to stay on the sidewalk and hold a sign, officers said, they had no problem with that.
“I’ve tried everything else,” Landers said with tears in her eyes.

Uh, we all know that the media does not cover everything and when this woman says she has tried everything, I believe her. I’ll bet she has written letters and contacted newspapers and this was a desperate measure on her part.

And guess what – it made the news.


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