South Central Farm in Los Angeles – bulldozed for a Wal Mart

A farm which has been feeding 350 families on a daily basis for the past 15 years has been bulldozed to make way for commercial development.  The land had been transformed from a desolate vacant lot to a thriving garden of edibles that benefitted the hungry in the area.

From Infoshop News:

On Tuesday, June 13, 2006, a combined force of sheriffs, LAPD, fire department and bulldozers raided and destroyed the South Central Farm, a community garden and farm located in southern Los Angeles. The violent eviction was met with resistance and protest, both inside and outside of the gardens. Around 45 people were arrested, including actor Darryl Hannah. Protests inside the farm had included a tree sit and a lckdown by farmers and activists. The garden was bulldozed by late in the afternoon, but protests and actions continue.
Photo: by Marcus, L.A. Indymedia

South Central Farmers Website

Photos (2): South Central Farm Police Raid
*Antidevelopment Protesters Are Arrested at Farm Site in Los Angeles
*Hollywood stars removed from urban farm
*Farmers Kicked Out of Community Farm in South-Central Los Angeles


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