Speaking of health issues….

….The Deseret News has an article this morning about the American Lung Association’s report on Salt Lake Metro Area being the 5th highest in the nation in terms of a particular kind of air pollution.

The lung association’s “State of the Air: 2006” report gives Utah failing marks concerning the finest particle pollutants, for short periods of high pollution levels.

The article quotes the director of the Utah Division of Air Quality as disputing that report but admitting that Utahns do have health problems associated with the pollution here. He stated that the report card’s implementation is “uniformly despised” by air quality directors across the country “because of its unscientific criteria it uses.”

The EPA is proposing new rules for standards that would expose even higher levels of pollution, according to the article. The article does not address what measures should or will be put into place to address this issue.

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