Earth Day and Charity Buzz

The Earth Day Network is the offical earth day organization that promotes Earth Day each year and provides tons of resources to advocate for a healtheir environment.

EDN is participating in “Charity Buzz” through May 9 in the Third Annual Chevy Chase Earth Day Auction for Healthy Kids, Smart Kids. It’s an online auction where you bid for special rendevous’ with celebrities in whatever it is they are offering. For example, auctioneers can bid on:

  • cooking with Chevy Cahse and his wife
  • playing tennis with Chris Everett
  • a portrait of you painted by Peter Max
  • VIP Tickets and backstage passes to any Dave Matthews Band Concert in the Summer 2006 Tour
  • San Francisco Healthy Foods Trip with Ann Cooper, Chez Panisee and Millenium Restaurant
  • Internship with Tree
  • Luxury travel packages to your favorite destinations: Beverly Hills, Disneyland, African Safari, Costa Rica, New Orleans.
  • And memorabilia from your favorite celebrities: Sir Paul McCartney, Ed Norton, Muhammud Ali, Larry David, Anna Kournikova, and James Blake…

    There are 65 auctions. Charity Buzz is an organize that helps nonprofits prosper by using innovative branding and fund raising strategies.

    You can read more about their principles at:CharityBuzz About us.

    Here is a “snippet” from that page:
    Founded by Coppy Holzman, a recognized pioneer in e-commerce trends, online cause marketing and a senior retail executive with the best brands in the business for over 25 years, the charitybuzz brand embraces the following core principles:

    (only one ishighlighted here)

    We have a social conscience. We strive to present relevant observations and encourage political and social discourse. We will attempt to be non partisan but know that we can never stand on the sidelines regarding the critical social issues of the day. Well placed passion is a virtue and engaged dialogue is a catalyst for positive social and political change.

    It looks like you probably have to be willing to spend some significant bucks for this, but if one has that, it looks like a good thing to do for an organization that helps so many of us around the world plan and implement earth day events and educational activities.

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