2000th soldier’s death closing in

Ken Sain has reported that 1,997 soldiers have been killed in Iraq since the 2003 invasion there.

The Iraq casualties website reports 1,999, with 9 not being confirmed by the DOD. I have also heard that CNN has reported that Air America Radio has already reported the 2000th soldier death.

Besides being involved in the Green Party, Tom and I also volunteer for and participate with People for Peace and Justice of Utah, which has been doing outreach during the past month (ironically before UFPJ‘s call for action) for a vigil that will occur when the 2000th soldier is reported to have died. Details on that vigil are at the PPJ website and also at Progressive Utah.

Yesterday Tom was interviewed by a reporter from the Deseret News and also from a reporter from KCPW public radio in Salt Lake.

I had an earlier post containing a video about the 2000th soldier death.

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