2,000th soldier death reported and confirmed

From Wage Peace:

The sad day that we’ve been dreading is here. Today, the Defense Department has announced the 2,000th military death in Iraq.

I want to thank you all for organizing events in your community. Together, we have more than 400 events in 49 U.S. states, which will involve thousands of people calling for an end to this war. The media has already started reporting on your work, with stories carried by Reuters, ABC News, and Yahoo! News. We are bound to change the perception of this war during this sad milestone. And we are showing that we are the majority.

Here is the plan for the “Not One More Death – Not One More Dollar” event. AFSC, in conjunction with Gold Star Veterans for Peace, Iraq Veterans Against the War, Military Families Speak Out, and with the support of the United for Peace and Justice Coalition, is calling for events tomorrow, Wednesday, October 26. Some of you may have other plans that work better in your community.

In one hour, we are going to send out a brief announcement to all who signed up to participate in this event and to AFSC’s larger Wage Peace Campaign email list. It will ask people to sign up for an event near them and ask people to check the “Not One More Death – Not One More Dollar” web site at http://www.afsc.org/2000/ for details about what is going on in their area.

Please use the online organizer toolkit to contact people who have signed up to attend your event, invite your friends, and update your event’s details. Your secure, personal link is:


If you need a sample press release, downloadable “Not One More Death…” petitions, posters, signs, or religious resources for your event, please check the resources page at http://www.afsc.org/resources.htm.

We’ve heard from several of you that you’ve received some abusive emails sent through the system. We are all very sorry for the annoyance. An anti-peace website published a mischaracterization of the “Not One More Death…” event and that inspired some of its readers to send some rather obnoxious messages. I want to assure you that that email was sent via a web form and that we did not give out your email address to anyone. Once the event is over, no one will be able to use this system to email you again. We have many safeguards to protect your privacy.

I have had the privilege of communicating with many of you by email and phone, and I’ve seen your energy and commitment. Thank you all for your patience your amazing organizing work. Together, we will end this war.

Whether your event is tomorrow or another day, we hope you have a very successful event. Seeing the spirit and dedication of our organizers and attendees, I am certain that we are going to make a powerful message. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you.

Thank you and good luck,

Mark Graham

for the Wage Peace Campaign team

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